Freeform Katia

May 29, 2008

inconvenience, take 2

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sorry, I pulled yesterday’s post. I should rant more often… I get more traffic. :) Thank you to to all who commented. Here’s the revision:

Yesterday I was frustrated by the response I got when I had to leave work to attend to my child. I understand that it wasn’t the best day for it, but when my baby’s butt is as red as a tomato and her face is purple from screaming… well, it needs to be attended to. NO ONE likes a sick kid — it messes everything up. I had plans for the day, too, like going to the pool to swim some laps. Didn’t happen.

Either way you slice it balancing work and children is hard. We’re supposed to be living in an era that supports working mothers. When one of my children is sick I will put everything else aside and deal with it, because my children come first. It’s not up for discussion.


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