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May 14, 2008

why it takes me so long to get dressed in the mornings

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No one can ever say that I don’t “know” my daughter. I dare you to test me on this someday. This morning I hauled myself out of bed at the crack of dawn and began debating what to wear to work: skirt or pants. There were good arguments for both, but eventually the skirt won because a) it’s supposed to be nice outside; b) I have no clean pants that fit me (note to self: start exercising!). I took a skirt down off a hanger and again I thought long and hard about wearing it because I knew that if I wore a skirt then Maja would want to wear one too… and I wasn’t sure if she had any. I was loathe to set off a whining session before she was even awake.

I put the skirt on. I went upstairs to get Maja up…

Maja: mom! you’re wearing a skirt! I want to wear one too. The yellow one, with the polka dots.

Me: Oh, that skirt was from last summer, I don’t think it’s in your dresser anymore because it’s too small. [Actually, I got rid of it because I hated it].

Maja: I wannnaaaaaaaaaaaaa wear a skirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

I tried offering a dress, but that was a no-go. It had to be a skirt. In an act of desperation I reached in to the closet and pulled out the garbage bag full of summer clothes that I had hauled up from the basement a few weeks ago. I tore into it and pulled out dress after dress after dress. And one skirt. It looked very big… I held it up to Maja and told her she could wear it but that there would be no running because it would fall down around her ankles then she’d moon everyone at the park.


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  1. James says “what’s a skirt?”

    Comment by Lynette — May 15, 2008 @ 8:45 am

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