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April 29, 2008

April, April

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We’ve had a lovely April this year with a lot of warm, sunny weather. This week is forecasting a lot of rain… and when the complaining started from multiple fronts I was reminded of this poem from my childhood:

April, April, der weiß nicht, was er will…

April, April,
der weiß nicht, was er will!
Mal Regen und mal Sonnenschein,
dann hagelt’s wieder zwischendrein.
April, April,
der weiß nicht, was er will!

Nun seht, nun seht,
wie’s wieder stürmt und weht,
und jetzt, oh weh, oh weh!
da fällt schon wieder dicker Schnee!
April, April,
der weiß nicht, was er will!

Get a grip folks: it rains. And really, why complain? Can you really DO anything about it?!? Nope. Without rain you wouldn’t have all the beautiful trees and flowers to admire. That’s not to say that I too wouldn’t prefer sunshine… but like I said, you can’t control the weather — so admire the way the rain makes the greens greener and then appreciate the next sunny day a little more. If you don’t like the rain… move to the desert. And God forbid it should snow like it did last April — we’d have mass suicide on our hands. Because of the weather.

I for one am really glad it’s raining this week because I planted 2 new shrubs over the weekend; the cooler weather and the rain are going to increase their chances of survival!

An unrhyming translation:

April, April,
it doesn’t know what it wants.
Sometimes rain and sometimes sunshine,
then it hails again inbetween.
April, April,
it doesn’t know what it wants.

Now see, now see,
how it’s storming and blowing again,
and now, oh no, oh no!
there is thick snow falling again
April, April,
it doesn’t know what it wants.



  1. dear Katja,
    nice to read about your rainopinion. Last summer we were in Greece and since then we are glad about every little rain – because that means, no break out of fire in the woods.
    Also I enjoy the poem – did not know the second Vers. Thanks to your Mom.

    Comment by aunt ulla — April 29, 2008 @ 10:37 am

  2. I don’t mind the rain. It’s the having to break out my *winter* biking gear the last week of April because it was cold that I’m not pleased about. Rain is fine. I don’t mind rain (I happily resided in the Pacific Northwest for many years). But can we at least have some spring temperatures?

    Comment by Shana — April 29, 2008 @ 12:29 pm

  3. sweet! thanks for the German injection!

    Comment by addie — April 29, 2008 @ 2:59 pm

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