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April 7, 2008


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Yesterday I was at home with the girls all day by myself… the day loomed before me. Even more worrisome for me was that I had to put the two of them to bed without any help. I had no plan, no strategy, and as a result, no expectations of how that would go.

Thankfully, during the day I had people. We had a playdate in the morning at our house and then another playdate with neighbours down the street. Despite the cool and rainy weather we managed to get out for a walk and the playground for a little while. Phew. Madeleine took a little nap in her crib in the morning and then another one on the living room floor in the afternoon:

Madeleine naps

Bedtime… went fine. I made sure Madeleine was fed and then I put her down on the floor in Maja’s room while I read stories to Maja. Occasionally Madeleine crawled over to the bed, stood up and peered through the rungs. And then, very slowly, a little pudgy hand reached through and grabbed a fistful of Maja’s hair. I untangled the two (without tears!), redirected Madeleine and continued to read to Maja. Five minutes later… Madeleine’s face once again appeared through the rungs of the bed and the little pudgy hand reached through… Maja was a champ and it didn’t faze her in the least. While Maja was not asleep when I left the room she was quite willing to let me switch off the light & leave with Mads. All was well — one down. One to go.

After a quick tidy of the kitchen, I proceeded to put Madeleine to bed. We did our usual routine and again the sleep Gods were smiling on me and Madeleine went down without a fight. Yipee!!!

As the long day was finally (almost) over, I rewarded myself with a 15 min. break consisting of a small glass of port and a sitdown on the sofa with a magazine. Ahhhhhh.


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  1. Yeah! They surprise you, just when you brace yourself for the unknown worse, they come through better than you ever hoped. Hooray for small victories!

    Comment by jessica — April 7, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

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