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March 19, 2008

back into the knit of things

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So, as of last Saturday Madeleine has moved up to her room on the third floor. There are still a few finishing touches that we need to do to the room (move 2 file cabinets, 2 hard drives, some paperwork) … but basically it’s done. Phew. As an added bonus, Madeleine has been sleeping from c. 8pm to c. 5am every night. yea! This means that I am getting my evenings back — and I’ve picked up my knitting again.

My weekend visit to snowy Ottawa and my friend Elyn helped me get back into the swing of things. On the Saturday morning of my visit — the storm hit that afternoon — we went yarn shopping. I picked up some Koigu, some soysilk, some Apple Laine, and some Fleece Artist. All of these yarns are Canadian dyed! The afternoon was spent sorting through Elyn’s stash and inventorying the UFOs. Elyn also had a drop spindle and some fleece… I played with that for a bit and got roped in (ha ha! pun intended!).

Madeleine plays with Elyn's yarn stash

Madeleine plays with Elyn’s yarn stash during the snowstorm.

So, to prove I’m back:

  • Yesterday I ordered my own drop spindle and 8oz. of roving from a place called Nistock Farms. I hope that I enjoy it.
  • I started knitting on the Kimono lace shawl I started ages ago
  • Kimono shawl

  • I read through my Zimmerman books again
  • I’m going to go through my stash, inventory my projects and make a plan!

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