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March 17, 2008

live and learn

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I have been wanting a bike seat for the back of my bike for ages and this weekend, after a little sleuthing, I finally got one. I got it attached, the weather was great and Maja was excited! We headed out and about 1 block from the house… we crashed. My bike tire got stuck in the rut of the trolley track and down.we.went. Kersplatt.

No serious injuries occurred because I’m a GOOD MOTHER and I made my babe and myself wear bike helmets. I made sure the bike seat was securely attached. I made sure Maja was belted in properly. But, you know shit happens. They’re called accidents. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t intend to go out and crash. I didn’t set out to put my life or the life of my child in peril. Excuse me for being defensive, but I know I’m going to get flack about this. My advice to you who wish to give it: can it and keep it.

So, we fell. We got back up. I got back on the bike and we kept going. I didn’t want Maja to get freaked out and then never want to get back on the bike with me again. After taking a tour around the park we did go home and cleaned up our boo-boos. I got major road rash on my elbow and knee. Maja had nary a scratch — but I put a band-aid on her baby finger just because.

I can claim success because the next day Maja saw the bike with the seat and immediately came and asked me if we could go for a bike ride — as long as we didn’t zoom and crash on the trolley tracks. It’s a deal. We zoomed around and had a great time.

maiden voyage


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