Freeform Katia

February 21, 2008

a list, for lack of a whole topic to post about

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  • All the clocks in the building where I work stop @ 3pm in order to synchronize with each other. It’s disconcerting to all of a sudden see time stand still.
  • I bought a new winter coat today. My current coat has served me well for 7 winters. It’s time for a change. Also, it’s falling apart and the lining is torn in the pockets. This is a problem when you find that your car key has fallen inside to the bottom of your coat and it’s -15C outside and the wind is blowing and the toddler is screaming and the baby is crying and you’re in a parking lot with your hands full. I advise against repeating this performance.
  • I ache today. I really really really hope I’m not coming down with another sickness. I feel like I have a hangover… trouble is there was no party to enjoy to give me a hangover. I know not, but can surmise it’s because I’m bitter. Bitter that Emerson seemed to get this idea into his little head that if one of the kids wasn’t going to wake us at 5am with their crying that he should perhaps step in and throw-up on my bedroom carpet, just so I wouldn’t feel like I could actually sleep until my alarm went off. There is nothing more entertaining then waking up to the sound of your dog retching 3 ft. away from your head. Nothing. Except maybe waking up to find that a cat has hoarked up a hairball on one’s pillow, mere inches from one’s head — which has happened to me when I was cat sitting once. And you wonder why I don’t like cats. I am grateful I didn’t roll over that night.
  • Watched the lunar eclipse last night. Very cool. The best part was talking to my parents and Elyn and looking up at the night sky knowing that they were seeing what I was seeing, even if they’re respectively c. 900 and 450 miles away from me. This made the world seem just a little smaller last night.
  • Busy weekend ahead with 2 kids’ birthday parties, 1 playdate, Oscar viewing, swim lesson… oh, and don’t forget to go grocery shopping. Overscheduled.

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  1. regarding the lunar eclipse my thoughts went along the same line: that we were really not that far apart! Neat!
    Love, Mom

    Comment by Mom — February 23, 2008 @ 10:59 am

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