Freeform Katia

February 13, 2008

[blurp] resolved

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The list from Friday:

* bumper bowling for a 3-year-old’s birthday party tomorrow. should be fun.

What a trip. What fun. I love the fact that they actually have shoes that fit the wee ones. Pictures here.

* taking Mr. Stinkbottom to the groomer tomorrow. desperately needs to be done.

Sweet relief. You know it’s getting bad when you don’t even want to touch your own dog because he’s so stinky. He now looks great and smells sweet as he still can’t say “no product!”

* getting to a pet store to buy: active carbon for my terrariums; a faucet shower thing so I can bathe Emerson and thereby stop referring to him as Mr. Stinkbottom

Got the carbon. Now I realize I need to buy sterilized potting soil. Of course I could sterilize my own by putting a load of dirt in my oven and baking it — but this reportedly really stinks. Having just resolved the main source of stinkage in our house (Mr. Stinkbottom’s clean up) I am reluctant to bake dirt. I wonder what the neighbours will think?

* cleaning out filing cabinets

Started. No where near being done.

* getting to a container store so I can reorganize the craft/paper cupboard — realizing our filing cabinets won’t fit in the cupboard. sigh.

We headed out to the big box store ironically called The Container Store. I am now the proud owner of two plastic filing totes.

* took Madeleine to her 6 month pediatrician appointment this morning. She’s in the 18th% for weight (14lbs 12oz); the 38th% for height (2’1″); the 38th% for head circumference. All is well and we reportedly have a “perfect” baby. Grand.

Madeleine also got 4 shots and an oral vaccine on Friday. We had a cranky baby on our hands. By Sunday afternoon though she seemed to turn a corner and was back to her usual happy-go-lucky self.

* did some much needed card shopping yesterday for upcoming birthdays; passing of a dear friend’s loved one; valentine’s day.

* slow cookering dinner for this evening: golden squash soup. maybe try and pick up some crusty bread to accompany. mmmmmmmmmm

So yummy.


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