Freeform Katia

February 8, 2008


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* bumper bowling for a 3-year-old’s birthday party tomorrow. should be fun.

* taking Mr. Stinkbottom to the groomer tomorrow. desperately needs to be done.

* getting to a pet store to buy: active charcoal for my terrariums; a faucet shower thing so I can bathe Emerson and thereby stop referring to him as Mr. Stinkbottom

* cleaning out filing cabinets

* getting to a container store so I can reorganize the craft/paper cupboard — realizing our filing cabinets won’t fit in the cupboard. sigh.

* took Madeleine to her 6 month pediatrician appointment this morning. She’s in the 18th% for weight (14lbs 12oz); the 38th% for height  (2’1″); the 38th% for head circumference. All is well and we reportedly have a “perfect” baby. Grand.

* did some much needed card shopping yesterday for upcoming birthdays; passing of a dear friend’s loved one; valentine’s day.

* slow cookering dinner for this evening: golden squash soup. maybe try and pick up some crusty bread to accompany. mmmmmmmmmm


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  1. Hi Katja,
    weeks ago I send some books for the girls. Did you ever get them?
    Otherwise I have to find out, where they disapeared.

    Comment by aunt ulla — February 10, 2008 @ 12:11 pm

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