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February 6, 2008

like a well-oiled machine

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After last week’s incessant morning temper tantrums Richard and I sat down and made a plan on how to tackle the evening-morning tasks. Now, not to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but it seems to be working thus far — we made it to Wednesday without a morning tantrum.

Essentially the trick is to get everything as ready as possible the night before. This means setting up the coffee, putting out the oatmeal and getting the water in the pot, making sure lunches are made and just need to be grabbed from the fridge, setting out jackets/hats/mitts… you get the idea. Maja even picks her clothes out for the next day, thereby eliminating the “I don’t waaaaaaant to wear thaaaaaatttttt!!!” cry. The only thing I need to do in the morning then is get dressed, take Emerson for his initial pee, eat my breakfast and feed Madeleine. Easy as pie.

the next morning’s setup

Of course I’ve just jinxed it all now.


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  1. Laying out the clothes the night before works like a charm. We “agree” on James’s clothes at bedtime and then that’s the “deal” for the next morning. He doesn’t protest at all anymore. My biggest hurdle these days is that the boys are serious morning people– up laughing and wanting to play at 6 am or ealier… oy.

    Comment by Lynette — February 7, 2008 @ 10:46 am

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