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February 1, 2008

trip the light fantastic

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So here we are. It’s Friday. It’s POURING rain outside. The kind of rain that you just really want to look at from behind a wall of glass while you’re in a warm, bright room drinking a cup of good coffee and eating a melt-in-your mouth brownie. Just sayin’.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had to surround myself with pretty little things just in order to make it through in one piece. The beauty of this plan is that about 80% of these pretty little things are not physical — instead they’re ideas, thoughts, blog readings/images, and dreams.

What have I surrounded myself with this week?

  • a new sketchbook — for lists to keep me sane, for garden design ideas, and for whatever the hell else I decide to put in there
  • a set of rubber alphabet stamps because I saw them, liked them, and then bought them
  • two glass jars for potential terrariums
  • the reading of design blogs (Design*Sponge, Oh Joy!, Push me pull you, and others)
  • daydreaming about re-purposing various rooms in my house
  • arranging a field trip with coworkers to VIX Emporium in a few weeks
  • takeout from the new Vietnam Cafe in West Philly (this is still to happen this evening)
  • thoughts of exercise and the vision that one day I’ll be back to my svelte pre-marriage pre-baby self
  • reminders to myself that toddlerhood does not last forever and that someday it will be replaced by a hormonal teenager who will wear crazy clothes, crazy hair, have crazy friends AND not only won’t listen to me but won’t give me as many hugs as the toddler will

for an explanation of the title for this post see this


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  1. Hey Katia!
    It was nice seeing your post on my blog. I’ve been meaning to write, we got your beautiful Xmas card with the picture of your lovely (expanded!) family, the girls are so adorable! You two look good too!
    I also like to surround myself with good thoughts, some nice blogging, and reassuring family routines (Friday is homemade pizza night!), so I know what you mean.
    I’m now working in Collection Development, assisting in the selection of children’s picture books for the library. It’s a recent move, I’m still learning a lot, but as you can imagine I love being able to learn more about children’s literature.
    I hope you all (and Emerson) have a nice weekend! :-)

    Comment by Monica Carnesi — February 1, 2008 @ 6:44 pm

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