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January 19, 2008

the new schedule

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So, Monday was Madeleine’s first day of school and Maja’s return to school. It was also my parent’s 41st wedding anniversary. How fitting is that?

I kept my 4-day/week schedule for this week so that I could help with the drop-off yesterday and settle the girls into the new daycare. I then wandered back to a quiet house to tackle the HUGE list of stuff that needed/wanted to get done, but when I walked into the house the quietness of it struck me so unexpectedly that I experienced pangs of loneliness! It was, in short, depressing. Even Emerson realized that something was amiss and followed me around all day giving me sad puppy-dog looks. I was just rallying from the lonliness, and enjoying a cup of coffee in solitude on the sofa, when Richard called me at about 2pm to check in on how my day was going. I promptly burst into tears. I was lonely. The house was quiet. I missed my munchkins.

Well, I ended up having a productive day nonetheless. I roomba-ed and washed the first-floor floors; I did 3 loads of laundry; I tidied a little; I walked Emerson; I cooked dinner. I don’t know what happened to dinner, but after we finished eating it was VERY CLEAR that I need more practice in the art of being leisurely: the chicken was undercooked, the green beans were overcooked, the acorn squash was bitter and dry, and the biscuits came from a ‘can’.

Tuesday’s dinner was more successful: sesame shrimp and asparagus. I was all ready with dinner when the troops walked in the door. People were not happy: Madeleine screamed all the way home, Maja peed her pants in the car, and Richard was hungry (see previous post about depressurization…). Remedies were put in place for Wednesday: snacks stowed in the glove box and instructions that Maja go potty BEFORE she gets in the car for the ride home.

Wednesday… apple pancakes for dinner. Quick and easy. Maja of course refused to eat the “brown” parts of the pancake and methodically skimmed off the entire top layer off her pancake. She was very exact and did a good job. Madeleine enthusiastically ate a bowl of applesauce and oatmeal. And then, hallelujah, we had a good night of sleep! Madeleine woke up at her usual 10:20pm time, but this time she only squawked for 2 minutes instead of 20 minutes. AND then she continued sleeping until I went in to wake her at 6:30am — she missed her usual 4am feeding. Yeah!

I think we’re getting into the swing of things.


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  1. When things are crazy at home, I think: “I just want some time to myself, in the peace and quiet.” And when lo and behold, I get some peace and quiet (alone) at home, I think: “I am lonely! What is it I wanted to do alone anyway?” I think each scenario makes you appreciate the other…

    Comment by Lynette — January 22, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

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