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January 8, 2008

my last “mama monday”

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As the girls start school next week, yesterday was my last ‘mama monday’. I’m really going to miss those days with my beauties — as hard as those days could be. Madeleine and I cuddled a lot yesterday; Maja was in a good mood. It was a nice way to end.

We spent the morning running one looong errand: mailing Christmas packages. Yeah, I know, I’m a little late.

Then we headed to the playground. WE being myself, Madeleine, Maja and Baby Giraffey. The giraffe is actually Madeleine’s, but she’s still too little to play with it and Maja commandeered it. It’s going to be hard to wrestle Giraffey away from her.

He went on the swings:

He sat with Maja on the playground equipment:

Maja also took him for a walk, made him go down the slides, and generally he was her best friend for the day.

I think, though, what I enjoyed the most was that BOTH the girls spent some time on the swings. It’s gotten to that stage, where Madeleine can go on the swings and start enjoying the playground a little bit. It’s hard to believe that by the spring she’ll be crawling around and that by the end of the summer she’ll be walking around at the playground.

Madeleine enjoyed the swings:

And, both girls in their respective swings:

Madeleine has hit a few more important milestones, too. Yesterday she rolled over from her tummy onto her back. On Sunday I also noticed for the first time that when Richard was holding her and I came over to take her, she turned her body towards me and leaned in my direction — as if she was really asking for me to hold her. She repeated that action this morning, so I don’t think I was imagining it!


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