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December 12, 2007

the end draws nigh

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I’m coming to the end of the cross stitch for Maja’s stocking. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, considering it’s the first cross stitch pattern I’ve ever done. I like to start out easy … ha ha.

All that needs to be done so that I’m finished is to sew on the beads, the pine branch and finish outlining it. I didn’t think that the outlining was a big deal, but as I compare the outlined and non-outlined sections (click on the picture to get to a close up of the ornament. the upper left side is outlined, the middle-upper right side is not) I see that it does make a difference. It looks much tidier.

Regarding the pine branch (which you can see on the original design here), I had initially thought that I would not do it but instead cross stitch the stocking holder’s name there and have the ornament hang off of one of the letters, like the J in Maja’s name, the T in my name (if I do a lower case t with a hook on it), the second A in Richard’s name and the second E in Madeleine’s name. I may still do that… it’s just when I showed Maja the pattern she was emphatic that I put the pine branch in. Maybe I can do both… a little pine branch and the name?

The other challenge remaining is how on earth am I going to get this on the face of the stocking? Oi vey. More on that in future posts.



  1. that is absolutely gorgeous…a bit different from usual designs…and my color


    Comment by laniki — December 13, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

  2. you are almost there …. what a beautiful job!

    Comment by Mom — December 14, 2007 @ 4:16 pm

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