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December 7, 2007

delusions of grandeur

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I have this crazy vision that my house will look good by the time Christmas arrives. Actually, I have a crazy vision that my house will look good period. But I digress, back to Christmas: by some miracle, a miracle that will be made possible by some as-of-yet-unknown way (congress will lengthen the day to 48hrs instead of 24? secret elves will enter my house? i will cease to sleep between now and Dec. 24?) the following need to get done before December 24th (that’s in 18 days people. 18.):

1. finish vestibule construction.

2. paint 1 wall. the one with the paint samples that have been there for almost 12 months now.

3. make 4 stockings. this should only take 2 evenings, ideally.

4. finish 1 cross stitch and affix to 1 stocking.

5. bake some Christmas cookies.

6. take holiday photo, make Christmas cards and mail them.

7. install an outdoor electrical outlet.

8. tidy. clean. organize.

It’s so frustrating that simple things just aren’t getting done. For example, last night I FINALLY gutted, peeled, chopped, and cooked the pumpkin Maja had painted for Hallowe’en. That should not have taken 6 weeks. On that note, I’m glad that I’m not home today because knowing my child the missing pumpkin will result in a temper tantrum — even though she hasn’t paid attention to the painted pumpkin for weeks. Things like that aren’t getting done because by the time the girls are asleep (usually around 9pm now for Mads) and I come back downstairs, I’m EXHAUSTED. I have about 1 hour to do something before I hit the wall-o-sleep and need to go to bed. As a result we’re barely maintaining the status quo; we’re certainly not moving forward. I want to move forward.

On that front:

  • I finally ordered a new battery for my Roomba. I was neglectful and let the battery discharge and have not been able to breathe new life into it, despite trying all the tricks iRobot tells me to try. The floors on the first floor have suffered and I can barely walk on them without cringing. They’re not at the point where you stick to the floor… but I can imagine that point coming. We were close last night, when Maja decided to throw all her rice onto the floor. Thankfully Emerson likes rice and it likes him.
  • I’ve gotten into the habit of doing at least 1 to 2 loads of laundry every night just to keep the hamper from overflowing.
  • I run the dishwasher every night — throwing everything in there just to cut down on the any handwashing of dishes.
  • I found material for the Christmas stockings.
  • I have a plan of attack: it involves several large garbage bags and a vacuum cleaner. Hide your valuables.

Update on cross stitch project:


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