Freeform Katia

December 5, 2007

grinning from ear to ear

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Yo!!! It’s snowing! In Philadelphia! Before Christmas! I am so excited I can barely contain my glee. As a matter of fact, this morning just before I left the house, in anticipation of the snow, I started singing “Deck the halls…” — Madeleine rewarded me with a great big smile and probably thought “who is this crazy woman dancing around in her slippers and singing?!?” When she’s 13 she’ll probably go back to bed and hide under the covers out of embarrassment.

It’s December, Christmas is just around the corner and I’m still in denial about purchasing any gifts. My dear husband should therefore be happy to know that NOTHING gets me more into the Christmas spirit then a good dose of snow. You could put up all the holiday decorations in the world and blast holiday music at me 24/7 and not elicit one drop of Christmas spirit from me. But, give me a dusting of snow and a few twinkling holiday lights… and BAM! I’m there. I’m Miss Holiday. I’ll go Christmas shopping, with a smile. Take that cowboy.


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  1. what is it about snow, branches and greenery ‘decorated’ with snow and lights? Sun shining on the ski trail, everything looks so clean and, yes festive.
    Here is one who understands your mood: Mom

    Comment by Mom — December 6, 2007 @ 5:15 pm

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