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November 29, 2007


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Last night we put Madeleine to sleep without bundling/swaddling her. After a rough start (that I suspect had nothing to do with the unbundling and more to do with my exhaustion) she slept through the night from 9pm to 4:30am. I nursed her back to sleep by 5am and I’m sure she would have continued sleeping… except I HAD to wake her to nurse again at 6:30am before I left work at 7am.

We tried unbundling her a few weeks ago and regretted it deeply as she woke up every 2hrs. So, it was a leap of faith that we tried again last night… I’m so glad it worked. Of course tonight will be totally different. ha ha

Richard was reading in the What to Expect the First Year that sometime in the next few weeks we could introduce Mads to a sippy cup. I nearly cried. I’m not ready for that. She’s just a “widdle baby” (Elyn, don’t laugh)! It’s bittersweet this time around — every time Madeleine passes a milestone I think about how I’ll never get to experience that again. I’m savouring every moment, so forgive me if I end up hanging on to her babyhood too long.

On the other hand, every time she outgrows something I think phew, one more thing I can get rid of!!!


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  1. During the last week I’ve walked into liam’s room and found him STANDING in his crib. While I am not as sentimental as I could be about my baby getting so big, I am filled with the thought: “I’m not ready for this scary pulling up and hurting yourself all the time stage!” And he’s crawling and he’s trying his darndest to get up our one step. 8 mos goes so quickly!

    Comment by Lynette — November 30, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

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