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November 13, 2007

Maja on being a big sister

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One of the perils about having children so close together in age is that the older one doesn’t quite understand that the younger one needs to be handled gently.

There are times when Maja does understand and we have moments like this:

Then there are moments like we had last night after dinner. Maja was eating nicely and sitting in her own chair; Madeleine was starting to fuss in her bouncy chair. I took Madeleine out of her chair and had her in my lap, when Maja decided that she, too, needed to be sitting in my lap. Not wanting to exclude her I said “sure! I have one knee for each girl!”. Maja crawled up and 2 minutes later announced that she needed to be on the knee that Madeleine was currently occupying. sigh. I shift the girls around and Madeleine ends up in Maja’s lap. Things being the way things are, Maja’s fingers ended up in Madeleine’s mouth and the story I was FINALLY able to extract from Maja amidst the ear-piercing screams that ensued was that Madeleine chomped on Maja’s fingers, so Maja chomped back.

I don’t think Maja bit Madeleine, but I do believe that Madeleine chomped on Maja’s fingers. Maja probably retaliated by pulling on Mads’ cheek during the finger extraction process, which caused Mads to scream at the top of her lungs. This startled Maja who then also proceeded to start screaming. So, there I sat with two girls, one screaming in my right ear and the other in my left.

Trying to explain to Maja that Mads is a tiny baby and has no capacity for malice was difficult, to say the least. Just because your sister bites you, by accident (and, btw, just WHY were your fingers in her mouth?!?!) does not mean that you bite her back. Well, I guess it’s just the start of the way things are going to go in the next 15+ years.


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  1. It sounds all too familiar!!! How did I do it – with three under three years old??? Now I remember!I also ‘remember’ that I have conveniently ‘forgotten’. Enjoy the screams, the fights and the fits as you too will forget and then remember the laughter. Mom

    Comment by Mom — November 18, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

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