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November 7, 2007

frou frou

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Before I had children I frequented a lot of coffee shops. Inevitably there would be some parents in there with their kids, having a bagel/pastry and a latte or something. I don’t know why, but I always assumed I would never be one of those parents because bringing your child in to a coffee shop was just too, well, yuppie. Why on earth would you pay $3 for a cup of steamed milk at a coffee shop when you can do it at home for $0.15?

I’ve gone over to the dark side. The past two Sunday mornings I’ve brought Maja and Madeleine with me to the Green Line Cafe, about 2 blocks from my house. Maja gets a blueberry muffin and a steamed milk (just half a cup, please, and not too hot); I get a bagel with cream cheese (sesame, toasted) and a hot chocolate. Madeleine sleeps.

I justify this outing by saying I’m not really a yuppie because I’m:

a) not going to a big chain, but an independent coffee shop

b) the coffee shop is in West Philly, for pete’s sake, not Manayunk or Chestnut Hill

c) I don’t attach 5 adjectives to my coffee order

d) I’m no yuppie

Why do I bring her? Because

a) I’m hungry.

b) I want to get out of the house

c) it’s too cold to hang outside

d) Maja likes it. She thinks having her “coffee” at the coffee shop is the coolest thing ever. And, she’s entertained!

On our latest excursion there were no seats available in the coffee shop, so we had to get our treats to go. Maja wanted to go to the turtle in the park, so we wandered over there, spread out a blanket on the grass and had a cold picnic.

And Madeleine slept:


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