Freeform Katia

October 31, 2007

2 uncensored conversations with Maja

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The setup: between 1 and 3pm every day Maja  spends time in her room. Ostensibly this time is to be used for napping, but Maja doesn’t nap anymore so now we just call it “Maja time.” She plays happily up in her bed doing circle time with her stuffed animals, changing their imaginary diapers, reading them stories… whatever.

On Monday the end of nap time came like this:

[heard over the monitor]

Maja: Mommmeeeee! Mamaaaaa! Mom? Mama? Mamaaaaa! [this continues for 10 minutes while I try and ignore it]

[I enter her room]

Katia: Maja, what’s going on? What’s all the yelling about?

Maja: I like you.  I wanted to see you.



[Maja is up on Richard’s shoulders]

Maja: Dad, you have a fluff on your head.

Richard: Oh. Well, just brush it off.

Maja: No.  Dad, you have a fluff on your head.

Richard: Ok, well, brush it off.

Maja: No. You need all the hair you can get.


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