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October 17, 2007

notes on pumping

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Now that I’m back at work, the pumping of breast milk has begun in earnest. I HATE pumping. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that feeding my baby breast milk is the best food for her right now, it’s cheaper than formula, and peer pressure (let’s be honest). While nursing your baby is draining, pumping in addition to nursing is exhausting, boring, uncomfortable, annoying, time-consuming and irritating. Not to mention that the facilities here at work are not exactly private — so you constantly worry whether someone is going to barge in on you while you’re sitting around half-naked, boobs exposed and attached to a milking machine. Sexy.

Really, any mother who chooses to pump returning to work deserves a gold star. Dammit, I deserve a gold star.

This time around, there are a lot more products available to store pumped milk into. When I pumped with Maja I could store the milk directly in the bottles or in to bags which I then closed with clips. Now there are some wonderful bags with zipper closures. I’ve tried two different brands: Medela Pump’n’Save and Lansinoh Storage Bags.

The Medela ones are terrible. Maybe it’s just me, but fussing with some sticky tab at 2am is not my idea of fun. Not to mention that the bag didn’t always expand properly and when I gave it a gentle tug the tape tore and the whole bag fell off, spilling the milk on the floor. As any nursing mom knows, that milk is liquid gold and loosing even 1 oz. is traumatic.

I’m liking the Lansinoh bags much more. I can’t pump in to them, but then I don’t think that method (see above) works anyway. The little tab to write on is convenient and easy to see. The lay-flat aspect is good too, and it really makes for more compact storage.

The current stress is now whether I can pump enough to feed Mads. While I’m gone she takes about 9-12 oz. and I’m currently able to pump about 12-16 oz. while I’m at work and another 8 oz. at home. I know that Mads’ consumption will go up and my production will go down over the next few months — it’s one of the sad realities of pumping — so I’m going to continue on this schedule until I can take it no longer.

I was able to nurse Maja until she was 8 months old and I hope to get at least that far with Mads. Wish me luck!



  1. You rock. It’s truly a very uncomfortable thing to do (pumping that is) and even more so at work. You definately get a triple gold star from me!

    The girls look great.

    Love Kir and the Calgary Crew

    Comment by Kirsten — October 18, 2007 @ 9:17 am

  2. Great job, Katia! It’s not easy and at times you just want to hurl that pump out the window.

    Wishing you all the pumping luck — and in privacy!

    There’s a recipe on my site that might help with the decrease in supply annoyance:

    Comment by Angela — October 21, 2007 @ 9:22 pm

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