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October 11, 2007

The art of hanging out

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I found myself in a curious dilemma this week in that I am still on maternity leave but am not needed at home while the nanny is there. I’m actually in the way and it’s difficult for the nanny to do her job properly. So, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I’ve been leaving the house for about 5 hours each day. The problem is that I usually ALWAYS have something to do or someplace to be; this week, however, I had none of that. I was free to do what I wanted without the kids around for 15 hours. I even had a car at my disposal.

The first day I made up some errands and had lunch with a friend.

The second day I was armed with a plan, the car, a list and my credit card. I came home having spent too much money and began to wonder what my bank account would look like if I continued to be a woman of leisure.

The third day (today) I started to get into the swing of hanging out. I headed for the bookstore. I got a juice, I picked up a free newspaper, and sat. And thought. I thought about how I’d like a cool new laptop (coincidentally the keyboard on my laptop died half-way through this post… it must have sensed my yearnings to replace it); I thought about how to organize life when I go back to work; I thought about food.  It seems that being unemployed actually costs money.

I think that in order to successfully hang out and not spend money one needs to go to the park or to the library. Next time I find myself in that situation that’s what I’ll do. ha!


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