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June 18, 2007

fun, sun, and a little trauma

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I don’t think a weekend would be complete without these three elements. If one of these were missing it just wouldn’t fit in with the m.o. of our household.

Saturday was a “commitment free” day. Brilliant. These should exist more often.


Maja got a haircut. Fun: yes, she looks cute. Trauma: she moved (duh!) during the trim and it turned out a lot shorter than I intended.

Emerson got a haircut. Fun: sure. He always looks so handsome afterwards. Trauma: none really… for the humans. I think Emerson is always a little traumatized.

Farmer’s market & playground. Fun: absolutely! Sun: present! Trauma: Maja wouldn’t stay in the wagon while I paid for produce, so I kept having to take her out… not really the point, as she is supposed to stay in the wagon to make shopping easier. The playground was crazy and I had about 5 kids start pestering me about the wagon and whether they could take it for a ride. I didn’t know the kids and so the answer was ‘no’ — thankfully Richard arrived shortly thereafter and took the wagon home.

Naptime. Fun: for me, because Maja fell asleep in my lap during the stories! She then slept solidly for 3 hrs, from 2-5pm. woohoo! Sun: blocked by blinds and curtains. Trauma: none really, she woke up relatively happy.

Pool. Fun: yes. Sun: yes. Trauma: the water was a little cold, so Maja’s teeth started chattering after about 30 min. So, we bailed and went home.

Bedtime. Fun: yes. Sun: no. Trauma: none. It was uneventful.


Sunday we all headed down to Washington, D.C. to visit with friends. The first stop was the National Zoo, where we met up with Sarah B. & Baby Daniel & David B. We had a great visit and it was nice to walk around the zoo chatting. It was hot hot hot and the sun shone and it was hot. We saw the baby panda (so cute) and an orangutan doing some tight rope walking. Maja also inspected the otters closely.

After lunch we headed up to Silver Springs, MD (a suburb of Washington) and hung out with Sarah M. and her son Sam (who was born 2 days before Maja!). It was very relaxing (air conditioning!) and there was even an outing to the neighbourhood pool (ahhhhh). Maja didn’t get a nap, but in spite of that she did really well. We left to drive home at 7:10pm, and by 7:22pm Maja was sound asleep in the car. We were home by 9:40pm and I was able to successfully transfer Maja from the car into her bed without waking her up! Brilliant.

Oh, and the final trauma: the lcd screen on my little camera was damaged. Fortunately the camera itself still works… so I’m hoping the repair won’t be too $$. sigh.



  1. I love how your “commitment free” Saturday was packed with events!

    Comment by Shana — June 18, 2007 @ 8:53 am

  2. I guess… but I didn’t HAVE to be anywhere at any particular time, so that was the relaxing part.

    Comment by freeformkatia — June 18, 2007 @ 9:09 am

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