Freeform Katia

May 22, 2007

hanging in the village, without a camera

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Dudes, I went to NYC, hung out in Greenwich Village and didn’t have my camera. Ouch. Richard had borrowed my camera for work on Friday… and so I was without.

Anyway, I spent all day Friday and Saturday at NYU for a workshop. On Friday evening myself and a colleague from Harvard, Beth Flood, went strolling through the village. We had a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant near the university and then headed off to The Point Knitting Cafe.  Cute place, nice staff, but hardly any sock yarn! I was looking for 2 skeins as a souvenier … but didn’t find anything. sigh. My cohort, however, walked out with yarn! Then it was off to the famed Magnolia Bakery. Now, this was recommended to me by my friend Shana, and as it turns out Shana and Beth went to library school together! So, we HAD to go — I think Shana would have been most upset if we hadn’t. After a quick stop for cash (quick. because after I started using the bank machine I realized that the little magazine shop we stopped in catered to a certain clientele… and the material available made me look at my shoes. alot.) we found the bakery. The line wasn’t too bad, but what made it torturous was that you could smell the yummy bakings outside. The sugar high was totally worth it — yum!


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