Freeform Katia

April 26, 2007


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I am seriously dragging my butt today. I got a total of 4.5 of sleep last night — 3.5 + 1 with a 2.5hr break in the middle. I contribute this mid-night sleeplessness to several factors: heartburn and stress from work. On the plus side, I did upload several months’ worth of photos to the Flickr site (early part of 2006!).

When I went back to bed I was surprised to find myself falling asleep. But then I had weird dreams:

I dreamed that there was a tiny goldfish in Emerson’s water dish. I couldn’t figure out how it got there, and then determined that it had come in on the bottom of my shoe (apparently my walking on it didn’t squish it). The goldfish, however, did not want to stay in the waterdish and kept trying to escape to the dishwasher. I wrestled it back into the waterdish, and the next day it had grown to 10x it’s previous size. I wanted to get it into a fishbowl. The fish didn’t want anything to do with it. Then all of a sudden the fish morphed into a baby boy. I needed to go to work and was going to leave the baby in a bassinet next to the pool. I was only concerned in that I would be gone for a while and that the baby would be hungry long before I came back.

Crazy preggo dreams. I double-checked both of Emerson’s water dishes this morning to make sure nothing fishy was floating around in them.


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