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April 23, 2007

vacation day

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A few weeks ago, when everyone in the house was feeling the late winter blahs, Richard and I decided that on the first really nice warm day in April we’d take a vacation day and spend the time together with Maja. Today was that day. The sun was shining and the temperatures soared to 27C. Perfect.

Now you may ask: why can’t you do that on the weekend? And I answer, my friends, because the weekends get so totally booked up with commitments that no one has a chance to truly relax. It usually ends up being tag-team parenting: I have something from x to x, so I’ll watch Maja. Make sure you’re home by x because I have to be at Place A by x and need to leave the house by x to make it there in time…  Weekends are no longer relaxing.

So, this vacation day was Richard’s idea and I have to say it was brilliant. We got up and there was no pressure to get ready. We had a leisurely breakfast. Emerson got a nice walk. Then we headed to the zoo.

Maja was in a good mood and totally hammed it up for the camera (note the dress Grandma & Grandpa!):


In the afternoon Maja had a nap while Richard and I relaxed: I knit, Richard sketched. We had the windows open, the warm air was flowing through the house, the birds were singing, Emerson was sunbathing in a patch of sunlight on the carpet.

Post nap we all headed out to the park and took Maja’s birthday wagon out for a spin.

You’ll have to excuse the ungraceful sitting here. They’re only 2 years old.

We rounded off the day with some chicken on the bbq, a nice bath for Maja, and a relaxing evening during which I baked a cake for R’s birthday.


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