Freeform Katia

April 6, 2007

don’t you wish

Filed under: dreams, musings — freeformkatia @ 12:21 pm

that you could just snap your fingers and be rich? or be retired and wise? be not here but there? lose 10 lbs? be glamorous or famous? have a fun job? be your own boss? have a clean house? have the dog groomed NOW? know what’s going to happen next week? change the weather to your liking?

Instead we just plod along, day after day. Where’s the excitement? The thrill? Or is this it? You’ve worked hard, paid your dues by going to school and getting a good job and now you’ve reached your end goal. Is it all you’ve dreamed of?

Can’t we set new goals? New challenges? Find a different way of enjoying life? Have ice cream and fresh flowers everyday, so to speak?

Ugh, what a mood to be in! This weekend’s philosophy is to sit back and really enjoy what I have — it’s nothing to scoff at! Sit back, enjoy. On Monday I’ll have a rundown of all the fabulous things in my life — from my beautiful family to the clawfoot tub in my bathroom.


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