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April 2, 2007


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On Saturday mornings Maja and I go swimming at our local YMCA. When I took her to Waterbabies last year, she really had a great time — it was a lot of singing and playing games in the water. This year, the Waterbabies class is very different. It’s actual swimming lessons. I don’t know how much Maja really gets out of learning how to glide, kick, and “scoop and pull” (i.e. front crawl stroke), but she likes being in the water.

Maja is alternately fascinated and scared of our swimming instructor. She’ll talk about him at home, but then when we get to the pool she’s very shy. Gary is super-friendly, and is great with the kids!

Maja’s favourite things to do at the pool include jumping into the water from the edge, blowing bubbles, and floating away. This last thing is new as of Saturday: I hold her hands, and she floats as far away from mom as she can get. She keeps telling me to let go… but I am not ready for that yet!!! Neither is she, even if she has a floaty backpack on.

Richard took some videos too, but YouTube wasn’t cooperating on Saturday afternoon, so I’ll post them later.


Video of Maja swimming, sorry for the quality.


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