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December 22, 2006


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Thanks everyone for the get well and safe driving wishes. I’ve spent the past 2 days at home with a feverish and sick Maja — she spiked a temp of 103.2 on Tuesday night. Sigh.

I think that taking care of a sick toddler is one of the harder parenting tasks. You have this small, miserable child who can’t tell you what hurts or how awful they feel. They just cry and whine and wimper… What makes it more difficult for me in particular, is that I’m not an overly sympathetic care-giver. Usually my attitude is that if you get sick then you just have to suck it up and deal. That kind of mindset doesn’t work with a 20-month old.

I took Maja in to see the doctor yesterday, just to make sure there wasn’t any secondary infections (pneumonia, ear infection, etc.) brewing that would flare up over the holiday. She checked out ok and her temperature was normal for the day. Of course, because of the doctor appt. she missed her nap… and by 4:30pm things were going downhill rapidly. I put her to bed by 7:30pm and that was the second night in a row where she fell asleep in my arms. Poor munchkin was just worn out. It was strangely wonderful having her fall asleep like that in my arms, mostly because I don’t think she’s done that in over a year. She looked so peaceful and calm and cozy and it made me feel so needed. It made all the temper tantrums and exhaustion of the day worth it.

So, today she’s at school. Hopefully she’ll get her appetite back in the next few days as she has lost some weight (at yesterday’s weigh-in she was only 20lbs 4.5oz).

Happy Holidays everyone!


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