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December 15, 2006

all I want for Christmas…

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…is sleep. That’s all. This cold that I’m battling has me aching for sleep — so I go to bed and fall asleep instantly. Only to wake up at 1am overheating, stuffed up, and coughing. And then I toss and turn like a bad wilted salad for the remainder of the night. This morning I was up at 3:30am and never got back to sleep. And I’m so tired!!!!!!


Tonight the King Grandparents arrive from Florida! I wonder if Maja will remember them? We’ve been practicing: Hi Grandma! Hi Grandpa! And I KNOW they will be astounded at Maja’s language skills, she’s talking so much these days and really making it clear what she does want (more milk! applesauce! bear! book! clean bum!) and doesn’t want (no socks! no mittens! stop it!). I admit that it’s difficult to understand her sometimes, especially if you don’t speak Maja-talk. These days I’m trying to encourage her to tell me what she wants instead of just breaking out in tears.

That’s all for today! Off to Richard’s firm’s Holiday shindig this afternoon. Then home to greet the Grandparents.




  1. I can totally sympathise with you in the ‘feeling exhausted’ sense. Was counting months on my fingers and figured that Maja is right now at the age Kirsten was, when you were born …..
    You just go day by day and try to do the Best, it will improve.
    Love, Mom

    Comment by Ilse — December 15, 2006 @ 12:33 pm

  2. Please try to take naps on the weekend…!
    I have a hunch James’s verbal skills are somewhat behind those of Maja, but he too is making huge bounds. My favourite are 4-word sentences: “I… want… Daddy…back” when Evan leaves, for example.

    Comment by Lynette — December 15, 2006 @ 1:44 pm

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