Freeform Katia

December 8, 2006

it snowed!

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I came out of choir rehearsal last night to SNOW. Honest-to-goodness falling-out-of-the-sky snow. My mood went from abysmal to totally elated in 0.5 seconds flat. SNOW!!!!!! It wasn’t enough to even remotely stick to the ground, unfortunately, but there it was. And to think last Friday we didn’t even have to wear a coat outside.

Another bonus that happened yesterday was that my friend Marianne showed me the proper technique of short rows. I know, I know — I’ve been short-rowing my sock heels for months now, but have always been plagued by the row of little holes on my wrapped stitches… no more! I’ve been set straight and my socks will no longer be holey heeled.

I’m knitting today at lunch, so I’ll try and take some pictures of the holey heel and perhaps a new non-holey heel… no promises, though. After all, I’m ‘stealth’ knitting. shhhhh

Tomorrow we’re getting our Christmas tree. I’m looking forward to it! I really do love Christmas — the traditions, the tree, the smell of evergreen, snow, good food, etc. We’re going up to my parents’ for the holiday, and really there’s nothing better than going home for Christmas.


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  1. The last paragraph made me sniff.
    I needed that (not the sniffing), as it is totally un-chrismassy to-day: pouring rain and not a bit of snow left. It was dark by 4 PM, that’s 1 hour earlier than usual.
    Love you, Mom

    Comment by Ilse — December 12, 2006 @ 4:52 pm

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