Freeform Katia

November 10, 2006

Food issues

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Yesterday: a day without chocolate or any junk food! woot woot. This is an achievement, especially since I was upset after I ruined dinner: I made heated up some gnocchi, and in the chaos that was my evening (Maja hanging onto my legs, crying ‘mama’ and ‘up’) I poured SESAME SEED oil all over the gnocchi, instead of olive oil. yick. I choked my portion down, Maja refused to eat any of it. sigh.

Today for lunch I’m having Trader Joe’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl. A gourmet version of ramen noodles… This one has some hot’n’spicy seasoning — I suspect it was the bright red packet of oil that came with it… ooch. I’m enjoying it, but find it a bit too spicy to truely love it.

I’m up to 3 pieces of fruit consumed a day. I made yoghurt this morning so I can get back to the smoothies. I need to up my vegetable consumption.  The goal (and ya’ll know, I’m a goal-oriented person!) is to lose 5lbs by Christmas, and 10lbs total by Easter. This will get me back to pre-Maja sizing. Of course, I need to commit to going to the gym and swimming regularly. No more excuses!


Moulin Rouge party is tomorrow! After much debate (thank you for all the comments about the dress!) I ended up with the red twist. The peacock was my first choice, but the twist won out because I could zip across the street during my lunch hour and buy it! Convenience over fashion. I got some fun beaded jewelry to accessorize it. I’ll get some pictures tomorrow and post.


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