Freeform Katia

October 17, 2006

yes Virginia, I really do still knit

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I have so many projects on the needles!!!! In addition to the Bear Claw blanket, which is now on the backburner and the Cotton Lace Shawl, I have a baby hat AND the first of my Lemongrass Socks on the needles. I also have a lone Smores Sock finished — but need to rip back to before the heel to make a change. sigh.

I’m knitting the Lemongrass Sock with STR on Inox Size 0.
The needles are a bit long, and get in the way — but after breaking my beloved bamboo needle, I had no choice. The leg pattern, which you can just see a bit of in this picture, is feather & fan. I made an improvement in the heel construction — which is why I have to rip out my Smores Sock! The improvement is to increase from 48 to 60 stitches just before the heel and then decrease back to 48 after the heel is done. I found I had to do this because my socks were tight around the ankle — I’m guessing this is because I have a narrow foot which is out of proportion with my ankle. Anyway, the sock is divine and I’m just cruising along on the leg portion.

My other project is to knit a hat for Maja’s friend Vladimir.

I’m doing this in a sockweight wool blend on bamboo size 2.75mm. The entire hat will be seed stitch and I’m envisioning somesort of corkscrew tassle on the top. I’m making this up as I go along! The genesis of this is because Jessica (V’s mom) admired the hat I made Maja. So, I offered to make one for Vladimir. Hopefully I’ll get it done before spring. ha ha.

So, there’s no lack of things to do. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I have yarn for several other projects too: a mitered dress for Maja; a soysilk shawl; the Icarus shawl; the Kimono shawl; lots of other socks… I’ll have to institute a no-casting-on-until-I’ve-cast-off rule!

So, in order:

  1. finish the Lemongrass Socks because I desperately want to wear them.
  2. next up is Vladimir’s hat
  3. Maja’s dress
  4. Smores Socks
  5. cotton shawl

Have a good Tuesday ya’ll.


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