Freeform Katia

September 12, 2006

what do you get…

Filed under: family — freeformkatia @ 10:57 am

when you have:

3 members of my family
1 member of Richard’s family
a sleeping baby
some free time
upcoming final for the US Open
a drill equipped with a masonry bit
a dog who thinks the drill needs to die
1 water balloon?

Add it all up: FREE cable t.v. woohoo!

I think this is a Philly phenomenon, or maybe I’m just lucky, but this is the third place I’ve lived where I’ve gotten free basic cable.

And what the heck does the water balloon have to do with free cable? Well, the whole process involved leaning out a second floor window and threading a cable through the brick wall of the house… and of course there was my dad and Richard down below… and some balloons in the kitchen… and it was so tempting! I didn’t actually drop it on their heads (as much as I wanted to) — I was laughing too hard and they looked up, so the element of surprise was gone. I still dropped it, but they moved to the side first. That’s ok, I still have lots of balloons…



  1. Hello,
    please say “Hallo” to your parents. Nice to see them again, even it´s only on pictures!
    Greetings from “Tante” Ulla

    Comment by "Tante" Ulla — September 12, 2006 @ 2:17 pm

  2. You should have dropped it!!! hehehe

    Comment by Kirsten — September 12, 2006 @ 2:28 pm

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