Freeform Katia

August 14, 2006

my child has been abducted by aliens

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What happened to my happy Maja? The easy-going baby that laughed and smiled? Where did she go? and, can I please have her back? The constant screaming and whining and fussiness is just about driving me insane!!!!!! I’m going to have to put her on the street corner with a for sale sign on her. And, then, we have a fun time like this on Sunday afternoon — drawing with sidewalk chalk. And, you have to forget about the temper tantrums and the constant whining.

Please, someone tell me that this will pass? I hope it’s just her teething (I suspect she’s getting some molars) and her cold. I hope. I pray.



  1. Well, I sure as heck hope that these toddler phases pass! You are probably right about the molars hunch; James got a bit ornery with his too. James has had some real moments over the weekend, a la Maja. He’s gotten very possessive with things, usually items that we’d rather he didn’t play with. But if you try to take them away, he goes crazy and sometimes, it’s just not worth it. So, he’s been playing with the sunscreen (opening the flip lid, pretending to put it on himself), and the camera more than we’d like. On our camping trip he wouldn’t stop crying one morning, but I think he was cold. Nothing a warm car and the radio on didn’t fix.
    I’ll have to get some sidewalk chalk… do you have a wagon?

    Comment by Lynette — August 14, 2006 @ 3:51 pm

  2. No, don’t have a wagon yet but I hope to get one for next summer! I’ve got my eye on a red Radio Flyer…

    Comment by katia — August 16, 2006 @ 8:29 am

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