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June 29, 2006

the kitchen this morning

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As ya’ll know, we moved last week. And, as ya’ll know, the kitchen isn’t done yet. And if ya’ll don’t know that then you must be living on the moon.

BUT today the countertops are going to be installed. wahoo!
So, here are some pics of the ‘state of the kitchen’ this morning.

The sink will be installed under the big window. The dishwasher in the hole along that wall. The cooktop and wall oven will be in the space where the toaster is. That board acting as a countertop (where the micro and toaster are) is temporary.

Oh, and that’s Maja playing with the plastic cutlery! Here are some more pictures from this morning. She’s all dressed up (just to assure the Oregon-ers that she doesn’t always dress to the nines for daycare…) for picture day at daycare today! The cute dress is a gift from Grandma Jane & Grandpa Tom.

Yea!!!! But wait, who is that SHAVEN man? No longer masked and disguised under some facial hair… my husband? Richard?

Emerson isn’t sure what to make of all this commotion regarding plastic cutlery and fancy dresses and shaven faces and missing countertops and AWOL appliances.


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  1. Awesome post today. Love the pics. Maja looks sooooo cute. Kitchen looks like it will be a great work space when all is said and done.

    Comment by Kir — June 29, 2006 @ 11:36 am

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