Freeform Katia

June 14, 2006


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# of boxes packed: 7

# of days to move: 8

# of panic attacks: 0


We’ve instituted a rigorous packing plan: no leaving the room until it’s done. So, last night we worked on the basement and got 99% of it packed up. A lot of stuff was shuffled to the dumpster down the street… and some stuff was put on the sidewalk for trash pickers (gotta love Philly!) — the t.v. went in less than an hour.

Tonight… more basement? Or maybe the bedroom? Stay tuned!


The roofers came on Monday and took a look at the roof. There’s a hole! No wonder the rain is getting in. Sigh. So, they’re going to fix the hole, replace the downspout, reseal the roof and put new siding on the back bay. Then, maybe we can move forward with the rest of the issues that need to be addressed…



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  1. A hole…wow. That sucks. No wonder it is wet. Hope it’s not too big of one. You’ll have to get Blake to come down again to fix up your “new” plumbing. Anything to come see you guys.

    Comment by Kir — June 14, 2006 @ 10:54 am

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