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June 5, 2006

Hydrostatic pressure

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Life is stressful. Then you buy a house. And get a dog. And renovate the house. And have a child. And buy a new house. And have to renovate that house. And sell the old house. And pack. And move. And there are issues: Water.

I remember being taught in school that water is a universal solvent. It’s true. Over time, water can carve caverns out of rocks. It can redefine a landscape. It can, given the chance, redefine your house.

Richard stated it well the other day, that we are under a lot of stress in the form of Hydrostatic pressure. Water in our lives. There’s a lot of it and it’s not going where it’s supposed to go! The 2nd floor toilet on Buckingham sprung a leak last weekend. Now, there’s a big water stain and bubbling plaster on our dining room ceiling. Can I remind ya’ll that we are closing on the sale of that house in… 23 days??? Then, we found out (the hard way) that the downspout off the 2nd floor roof on Regent Sq. was clogged. And, when you get 3-4 in. of rain in a 24hr. period and this rain can’t get down off your roof where it’s supposed to go… well, things inside the house get wet. Sigh.
Pressure. Water. I’m drowning!

Well, Richard fixed (keep your fingers crossed!) the toilet and unclogged the downspout. Lets all hope the water is going to co-operate and go in the direction we tell it to go. Or I’ll cry — and that’s just more water.


At any rate, the one thing water cannot dissolve is our marriage. Happy 2nd Anniversary to Richard and I! Glasses raised to the upcoming year — we’ll see what kind of adventures we’ll get into.

xo, K



  1. Life is all a test!!!
    Yours are just coming in bunches! Don’t forget to laugh and find happiness in the small things.
    Happy Anniversary to you both!! Many more water free years!

    Comment by Jane — June 5, 2006 @ 9:47 am

  2. Hi Katia– you are getting so funny! (Or have you always been this funny and it’s the blog that’s just a great outlet for it?). I thought of your anniversary today– congratulations! You guys have had a busy 2 years (not to mention your engagement). I hope you can find some time to celebrate with each other.

    Comment by Lynette — June 5, 2006 @ 1:44 pm

  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary Katia and Richard!

    What’s interesting about all of this is that the traditional 2nd year anniversary gift is cotton, which absorbs water very well.

    Comment by Elyn — June 5, 2006 @ 10:45 pm

  4. […] every year… the first summer in the “old” house, and then again as documented here, and here. And of course, a few weeks ago the toilet in the “new” house started […]

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