Freeform Katia

April 18, 2006

the enigma of Sears

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I don’t understand the Sears home service repair system. Our clothes washer broke on Sunday night, right in the middle of a big load of diapers (of course), and since at this point I use the washer almost every 2nd day, I HAD to have it fixed immediately. So, I made an appt. with the Sears Home Repair.
Kudos go to Sears for making the process very easy.They give you a time frame where they guarantee a service technician will appear, mine was between 8am and 12pm. The serviceman arrived at 11:58am. I kid you not. Now, what I want to know is WHY am I always the LAST customer? They can’t service everyone at 11:58am, so they must be at someone’s house at 8am. Why not mine?? I’m friendly at 8am. I’ve been up since 6am. I’m fed, showered, and caffinated. At 11:58am I’m under-caffinated, irritated, and hungry. So, it’s really in their best interest to come at 8am. Just sayings all.

Anywho, the coupling broke on the washer. So, $169 and 20 min. later, it was all fixed! yipee.


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