Freeform Katia

February 24, 2006

still painting!

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The house is big. :) But, I’ve ALMOST got the first floor done, and I’ve primed the 2nd floor hallway… tonight I’ll finish the first floor and maybe do the ceiling of the 2nd floor hall. And prime the windows? There are a lot of windows. sigh.

Anywho, I’ve got a Cole Porter song running through my head:

I get no kick from champagne,
mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all,
so tell me why it should be true,
that I get a kick out of you.

Katia’s version:

I get no kick from painting,
mere latex and oil don’t thrill me at all,
so tell me what it is all the fuss,
that I must paint all of the walls!

I’ve come to a conclusion about paint. More specifically, my relationship with paint. We’ve been spending a lot of time together recently, and I’ve been sniffing the fumes (passively) and pondering. I’ve decided: I hate paint. Now, Richard would interject at this point and say: we don’t hate. My response: yes. yes we do hate. and Katia HATES paint. hate it hate it. Hate. It.

I hate the smell, I hate the drips, I hate it when it takes two coats. I hate the ladder. I hate worrying about spots on the carpet or the new floor. I hate inferior paint brushes. I hate painting ceilings because it hurts my neck. I hate getting paint splatter in my eyes. It gets on your fingers, under your fingernails, in your hair.

BUT. Wow, does the house look good after it’s been painted. :)

So, I’ll persevere. And dammit, when we move to the new house I’ll paint again — but only once. Before the furniture arrives.


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