Freeform Katia

February 6, 2006

everybody gets 3 chances

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You have to wonder what makes a person take verbal abuse and go back for more. I have an acquaintance who has now used up her three chances. Sorry, you don’t get any more! You are cutoff from social intercubicle visits from me. After the first time I thought “huh. she must be in a bad mood”; after the second time I thought “ok. just a bitter person”; and this morning after the third time I thought “that’s it.”

Mind you, these three instances have happened over a span of 2 years. But still. And, more background is that this person is not universally liked at my workplace, and (now, this is truely cruel, but true) associating myself with her socially COULD possibly reflect badly on me. So, it’s time to step back and reasses the situation.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest. The weekend was good! Maja and I skipped Water Babies because the teacher hasn’t improved and I’m not enjoying the class anymore, and b/c Miss Maja has a nasty cough from her latest cold. Saturday afternoon was our first Babysitting Co-op meeting at our house. Really looking forward to getting started on that. Then on Sunday we went to a Superbowl party (go Steelers!) at Tricia & Dan’s — will post pictures when I receive them from Dan. (hint hint, Dan!). Tricia put on a fabulous spread with some very tasty bbq meatballs. mmmmm


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