Freeform Katia

January 18, 2006


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I think this will be a popular title for many of my blog postings. I like the word and it describes how I feel (most of the time) quite well.

STILL haven’t remembered to bring creamer/whitener for my morning coffee at work. This can go on for quite a while. Also, I finally brought my water bottle from work home so that the dishwasher can work it’s magic on all the grossness going on in it… and the water bottle has been forgotten for 2 days now as well. So, I drink water out of my coffee mug. I did remember about the water bottle at some sleepless point last night (2am?) and did the old “put the wedding ring on the other hand” trick so that I would remember to pack it this morning… but I still forgot. Now, the ring just serves as a reminder of how I can’t remember anything and that the trick didn’t work. I think if I switch the ring back to it’s regular spot that all of my reminders and rememberings will be negated and I can start with a clean slate. shrug.

And, speaking of shrugs. (nice segue, no?) I went to my LYS (local yarn store) yesterday. Finally. I picked up some nice dk merino blend in navy and brown to knit a birthday sweater for a friend’s son. And then… I browsed. I left the store with the birthday sweater yarn AND 1 ball of kidsilk haze merino (a lacy shawl?) AND 5 skeins of handpainted merino wool in Pink Posey (oh decadence. $22/skein…) AND 1 ball of Noro. sigh. The cashier asked me what I would do with the Pink Posey and I
replied: I have no idea. I may just stare at it for a while.
I showed Richard the yarn last night and I think he was a little surprised over my excitement with the Pink Posey. I was almost giddy when I showed it to him. Now, what to knit with it… I’m thinking a shrug/bolero/ballet sweater. It’s definitely destined for ‘something special’…

But, of course I have to finish the scarf that is on it’s third reincarnation. I started it 5 years ago when Richard and I met…I may finish it one day. Here’s what it looks like now, and I _am_ working on it during my lunch hours.

Maja has started ‘clapping’ and was showing off her new skills this evening. It was pretty funny to just sit and watch her clap. She claps for a few minutes, then stops and looks in amazement at the palms of her hands — maybe she is trying to figure out why her hands feel different after she’s been smacking them together? Don’t your hands/palms feel tingly after you’ve been clapping for a while?


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