Freeform Katia

January 13, 2006

the beginning

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Well, I guess I’m finally sucked into blogging. Not that this is anything new… but hey, I’m reading everyone elses random thoughts, so why shouldn’t I subject them to mine?

At any rate, there’s so much going on and so many people to keep in contact with, that blogging my slice of life seems like the next reasonable step. Will this be more time efficient? Can I blog once a day instead of sending 20 emails a day? Not that I dislike emails.

So, I’ll try this. It MUST be easier than maintaining a website (and cheaper). And I can keep everyone up to date on Miss Maja, the Mighty Emerson, and my dearest love Richard.


It’s Friday the 13th. I’m not uber-superstitious, but I will definitely look 3 ways before I cross any streets today. Has anything gone wrong yet today? No creamer (liquid or powder!) for my morning coffee. My student intern didn’t show up (food poisoning?) for work. Emerson is scheduled to get a bordatella vaccination this evening, and I was/am tempted to reschedule — only because we had one horrible, horrible experience with his vaccinations once. And why tempt fate? But, we need to get the vaccination done because the boarding kennel where’s he’s booked for a vacation in February requires it.
Richard is going to take him and I will stay home with Maja — and anxiously await their return!
Here’s Emerson, moments before his trip to the vet…


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